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Uncle Kentang realises a 19 YO Girl’s College Dream

Social NewsUncle Kentang realises a 19 YO Girl's College Dream

Uncle Kentang isn’t the Mister Potato that we all know. He’s the Head of Community Policing Malaysia, Kuan Chee Heng, or being know as Uncle Kentang too. He’s always enthusiastic about social welfare and will always provide assistance to the needy.

Recently, he once again extended his helping hand to a 19 year old girl who’s family is facing financial difficulty and is unable to support for her tertiary education.

Uncle Kentang brought it to Facebook describing her financial condition and how he eventually met her and gave her assistance.

Uncle Kentang receive a call this young girl one day and they eventually meet up in a mamak store in Puchong. From the post, he explained that she came from Cheras and had to go through several LRT stations and even make a transit to reach there.

The girl then told him that she started studying for a diploma course last year. As her family was facing financial difficulty, she was forced to suspend school after only one semester. Her father had accumulated a huge debt due to his business failure and her mother works as a small income hawker to sustain the family. Unfortunately, she had to suspend her studies and help her mother to meet end’s need.

Originally, she planned to finish college and find a high-paying job to improve her family situation so that her younger brother could go to college. However, she was forced to quit college and with only the Malaysian Education Diploma (SPM), she was unable to find a high-paying job, nor being able to pay the tuition fees for the remaining semester!

After hearing about the girl’s situation, Uncle Kentang immediately remitted RM3,000 to her bank account to pay for the tuition for the new semester, and gave her RM600 for living expenses, which made her cry.

Uncle Kentang also promised that if there are insufficient loans from the Higher Education Fund (PTPTN), he will continue to assist her in the future.

This charity has attracted the attention of the public. Uncle Potato said that Dr Joanne from Kampar Rahman University College in Perak also contacted him specially after learning about the incident, and they’ve discussed about how to help the girl.

In the end, under the arrangement of Uncle Kentang, the 19 year old girl can return to Rahman University College in June this year to complete her studies at the university!

It’s a happy ending for everyone and Uncle Kentang hope that the girl will focus on her studies and contribute to the society in the future.

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