Friday, January 27, 2023

Shopee customer gives 1 star rating to Seller for not using Malaysian Accent

Social NewsShopee customer gives 1 star rating to Seller for not using Malaysian...

Pleasing customers is one of the hardest things to do in reality. Recently, a seller on Shopee had shared their experience on getting a weird request while serving a customer.

The conversations started with the customer asking for the location of his parcel and he continued commenting that delivery within the same state should be fast.

The seller replied politely throughout the whole conversation and serve him well until his parcel reach his hands. The seller then requested for a 5 star rating if he is satisfied with their service.

Unfortunately, the customer gave them a 1 star rating and upon asking for the reason, the customer said.

“The way you speak made me felt like I’m buying stuff from TaoBao.”

The seller immediate change their tone and replied with the strong Malaysian accent.

“Eh Eh Eh, is the product ok? If ok, give us a 5 star rating leh! Steady Bom Bi Bi!”

The customer finally was convinced by the seller and gave they a 5 star rating.

This hilarious post had went viral and had made most netizens laugh to loud. Some commented that he just wanted the feeling of talking with a local.

Source: Facebook

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