Thursday, March 30, 2023

NGO prepares this Course for all who do not know how to use Signal

Social NewsNGO prepares this Course for all who do not know how to...

Using signal to indicate our direction on the road is one of the basics in driving and yet most Malaysians do not use it.

In view that Malaysians are not using the signal enough, Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) have took it to Facebook to invite all drivers who have forgotten how to use the signal, or missed out on that chapter during your driving lessons to attend this free crash course to refresh your memories on how to use signals.

Source: Facebook

However, it comes with a condition which requires the participant who are lazy to use their hands to push the signal indicator and you’ll need to have any kind of vehicle.

In the crash course, they’ll teach the basics like when or how to use them. Furthermore, they will be teaching how to differentiate between left and right turnings and how to use your side mirrors.

And as a bonus, they’ll throw in how to identify OKU parking spots!

Towards the end, they urge all to spread this to friends you know who need this course urgently. However, they did not leave any contact, nor forms for people to register, suggesting that this is a joke that they come up with.

Nevertheless, it is a good start to create awareness that Malaysians should start using signals to indicate where they are going and stop parking at the OKU parking spot.

Do you know anyone who need this? Share it with them!

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