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Covid-19 Positive Model apologises after visits 7 shops in Ipoh and cause them to close for Sanitisation

Social NewsCovid-19 Positive Model apologises after visits 7 shops in Ipoh and cause...

A woman recently returned to Ipoh from another place on 9 April and while she was in Ipoh, she went for the Covid-19 test. Despite that, she did not undergo self-quarantine and had visited several places in the city.

Shortly after the report was released, she learnt that her results was positive and she immediately posted her apology and her travel schedule on social media and requested that the public to be aware of it and take necessary precautionary steps.

As reported in Sin Chew Daily, the woman’s social media accounts stated that she is a China national and a freelance model who resides and works in Malaysia.

Source: Sin Chew

Her actions has caused a public outrage and most had blamed her for not taking the SOP seriously. Despite being criticized, she decide to be transparent and hope to resolve this as soon as possible.

In the Instagram story, she wrote that she is fully aware of the gravity of her negligence and she is not giving excuses for her wrongdoing.

“Even though I’ve got no knowledge about being Covid-19 positive, it is still my mistake that I did not undergo self-quarantine.”

“I do not expect that the public accept my apology as I know that my apology does not make up for the mistake. I don’t expect everyone to forgive me, as I knew forgiveness can’t undo the mistakes I made.”

“The only message I wish to converse is that I hope everyone could realized the seriousness of covis-19, give everyone and as a lesson to myself. Deep down in my heart, the guilt still lingers around towards my friends and all the place I went.”

“Once again, I apologise to you all. I hope everyone will be safe and sound with your family and I will do my best to recover.” she said.

The model said she went to Kuala Lumpur for self-quarantine once she was notified that she had tested positive for the virus.

Source: Instagram

In another Instagram Story, she shared all the places she visited on 9 April and 10 April and with a very detail schedule.

On Friday, 9 April
8.40pm -10pm: Xiao Xiang Zi @ SOHO Ipoh
10pm – 11pm: The Alley @ SOHO Ipoh

On Saturday, 10 April
11am – 12pm: 
Big Tree Foot @ Pasir Pinji
12pm – 1pm: BP Healthcare @ Ipoh
1pm – 2pm: Ba Wang Cha Ji @ Ipoh Parade
6pm – 7pm: MOI & KO Hair Studio @ SOHO Business Centre Ipoh
8pm – 9.30pm: Warehouse – A Food & Brew Company @ Taman Jubilee
10pm – 11.40pm: Viking Village Bar of Music @ Kampung Jawa

After the story went Viral

Business mentioned by her had closed their business for sanitation one after another. Some even shared the negative Covid-19 test results to gain the public’s confidence that the virus had not been spread like wildfire.

Meanwhile, a netizen compiled all the notices and made it into a Facebook post to raise public awareness and this should not be repeated by anyone, while she do not intend to cast blame on the model.

Despite that, the criticism on the model’s action continues.

Source: Facebook

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