Thursday, March 30, 2023

YES is giving free 40GB data to the B40! Claim it here!

Social NewsYES is giving free 40GB data to the B40! Claim it here!

The Internet had very much become an essential in our modern life and we can no longer live without it. However, Internet does not come free and unfortunately, most B40 families cannot afford to pay for it.

YES, a communications service provider in Malaysia have launched the YES KASI UP B40 initiative to help the B40 community. This data can be claimed at their website or via the MyYes app. You’ll need to provide your contact details for YES to deliver the YES SIM to your doorstep. Once activated via the MyYes app, the 40GB of free data is valid for 60 days.

This initiative comes after YES’s Learn-From-Home programme where they provided 40GB of data to schoolchildren in government schools and free phones to close to 450,000 B40 students who were badly affected by the pandemic to continue their education.

As the initiative was a success, YES decides to extend this to all Malaysians in the B40 income group. Those that were expected to benefit from this are students, families, gig workers and small businesses, to avid gamers and content consumers.

“It is the only way to ensure Malaysia reaches its full potential,” said YTL Communications Managing Director Dato’ Yeok Seok Hong. “This is the democratisation of data—the essence of what YES KASI UP is all about,” he added.

As for those from B40 who wish to register for this free data, simply follow the steps below!

1. Fill up your details here.
2. The YES SIM will be sent to your mailing address without any additional charges!
3. Once you’ve received the SIM, activate it through the MyYes app, and you can download this app from Google Play Store or App Store.
4. Upon activation, you’ll receive 40GB of FREE data and is valid for 60 days only.

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