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One-in-a-hundred-Million iPhone with “Crooked Apple” is worth 3 times the normal price

Social NewsOne-in-a-hundred-Million iPhone with "Crooked Apple" is worth 3 times the normal price

An iPhone 11 Pro was recently sold for $2,700 (about RM11,160), which is roughly 3 times the price of the normal price.

What made this iPhone 11 Pro special is that it has a tilted and off-centred Apple logo and it is estimated that this error only occur in 1 in 100 million (or even rarer). This flaw iPhone has become a unique global limited edition and its value is still on the rise.

Based on photo shared, the logo can be seen slightly off-centre and positioned noticeably to the right. The angle of the logo is also slightly slanted towards anticlockwise.

Source: Twitter

A Twitter user, Internal Archive first found this and shared it on social media on 9 April. He said that the phone is currently being auctioned at $2,700 (about RM11,160) and it is very rare to see this kind of error on Apple products. He estimates that the probability this incident is about one in a billion, or even lower.

Source: Twitter

At present, the price of a normal iPhone 11 Pro 512GB is US$999 (approximately RM4,130). Because of this “crooked Apple” logo, the value of this “limited edition” mobile phone has tripled.

It is not the first case where Apple had been selling defective products like this. According to a foreign technology website “9TO5Mac”, a silver iPad Pro produced by Apple in 2015 should have been paired with silver. Nevertheless, the Home key button was mistakenly painted gold and this “limited edition” iPad Pro become the first device with a new color combination of gold and silver.

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