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Beware of this scam! Malaysian fell for it and lost his WhatsApp Account

Social NewsBeware of this scam! Malaysian fell for it and lost his WhatsApp...

If you receive these WhatsApp messages, DO NOT CLICK ON THEM!

Recently, a netizen shared his unpleasant experience of being a victim of a scam on Twitter. His intentions were to create awareness among the public so that nobody will fell for it again.

Source: Twitter

It all started when he receive a text message from his college classmate, requesting him to share a 6-digit WhatsApp verification code. As he knows him personally, he clicked into the conversation and share the 6-digit verification code without much doubt.

After sharing the 6-digit verification code, his device unexpectedly exited from WhatsApp and a notification popped out requesting him to verify the mobile number.

Shortly after that, the netizen received a call from United States and the person on the other end was speaking another language. He said that the call lasted only for 30 seconds, after which he was told to wait for 12 hours before he can get back his WhatsApp account.

Source: Twitter

He went on requesting for the 6-digit verification code again and this time, he received a short message in Spanish.

Source: Twitter

Feeling helpless in recovering his WhatsApp account, requested all who had his phone number to delete or block his number, as be do not what his relatives, friends or people around him to fell for the same scam.

About a day later, the netizen reported that he got his WhatsApp account back, however, everything else had been wiped out without a trace.

Cases like this are getting increasing common and everyone should pay more attention and be vigilant at all times. As a reminder to all, do not share any verification code to anyone else as you do not know if that person’s account had been hacked.

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