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Family mart pays Graduates better than one working as an Engineer

Social NewsFamily mart pays Graduates better than one working as an Engineer

Despite graduates earning a-decade-low salary since the pandemic, Minister of Human Resource, Datuk Seri Saravanan said that graduates who have a job now should feel blessed, even if they are earning RM1,000 to RM1,500 a month. This is still better than those who are unemployed.

While the answers given by the minister may not be that accurate, a netizen had use simple math to illustrate the entire situation of graduate’s starting salary these days.

In his post, he did a comparison between the salaries paid by Family Mart and an SME in Malaysia. Apart from the salaries, he took the qualifications, cost of education and the perks of each, and Family Mart is obviously the winner.


The comparison goes:

Family Mart employee’s salary: RM1500 + RM150 shift allowance + overtime. Monthly take away salary average, RM 2,000 or more.

Engineer working in SME: RM2,200 fixed

The only requirement you need to work in Family Mart is to be able to read and write but to work as an engineer, you need to have your own transport, pay for your own Internet, be available 24/7 on WhatsApp, must be available to work overtime and Mandarin speakers are preferred.

Source: Facebook

Then it comes the favourite part of all, the Perks!

“You probably get to eat the leftover oden if you are working in Family Mart. While you get depression and mental illness for working as an engineer.”

The last point was that you won’t need to incur any education loan for working in Family Mart, but to graduate as an engineer, you might need to get a PTPTN education loan of RM100K.

Considering all these factors, the netizen said that the clear winner is Family Mart! He added that his post was not sponsored by Family Mart Malaysia.

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