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Muslim friendly slippers? Neelofa under fire for “Religious Exploitation”

Social NewsMuslim friendly slippers? Neelofa under fire for "Religious Exploitation"

Neelofa had been making headlines since her wedding on 27 March and most of them weren’t that positive.

Despite allegedly being non-compliant with the COVID-19 SOPs on her Chatime-Langkawi controversial work trip, she had gotten herself attention once again after launching a new slipper in collaboration with local footwear brand, Fipper.

Halal Sandals?

Source: Odisi

One of the selling points of the sandals were “Muslim Friendly”. The slip-on sandals comes with a comfort dual-layer rubber strap and moisture absorb finishing and it is priced at RM79.90 a pair, which comes in 4 colours.

This immediately caught the attention of netizens and it wasn’t for a very good reason too. Netizens had accused her of taking advantage of her religion to market such a product, labeling her “Penunggang Agama”.

As the saga continues, Fipper had stood up and explained that their previous products were less suitable with a ‘muslimah’. Despite being marketed as “Muslim-friendly”, non-Muslim women and men who wear socks can also use the Fipper x The Noor sandals.


However, this had not change netizen’s perception about how the product is marketed and more had join to comment on the sandals.

Well, Neelofa had been getting the spotlight almost every single day. Are you curious of what’s coming next?

Are you being convinced by the “Muslim-friendly” sandals? If you are, you can get them on pre-order here.

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