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Mean Malaysia Boss says “You can see doctor but can’t come office?”

Social NewsMean Malaysia Boss says “You can see doctor but can’t come office?”

After the recent incident of “Employee from Hell“, this time, we’ve got you a story of “Boss from Hell”.

Applying for sick leave is a common thing in working life. In fact, one should always take enough rest to have a speedy recovery.

The story started with a netizen informing his boss that he is not feeling well and will have to take a day off. However, it did not went well and it wasn’t sure whether he got the day off.

The conversation went this way:

Source: Facebook
  • Employee: Good morning boss. Today I have to take a day off.
  • Boss: What’s the reason?
  • Employee: Vomiting and diarrhoea, I think it’s food poisoning.
  • Boss: Okay, go consult a doctor then send me a picture of the MC.
  • *Employee sends a picture of the MC*
  • Boss: If you can go see the doctor, why can’t you come to the office?

Yes, you did not read it wrongly. The boss actually said it.

This poor guy most probably were being forced back to work even though he wasn’t feeling well.

Check out the funny comments from netizens!

Source: Facebook

Have you been in similar incident? Share your experience!

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