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Malaysians do not deserve nice things, DBKL screams at irresponsible Malaysians

Social NewsMalaysians do not deserve nice things, DBKL screams at irresponsible Malaysians

We all wish to the streets of Malaysia being decorated nicely and kept clean. However, we are no where near to realise this dream. Following the destruction of adorable security bollards in Kuala Lumpur, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) had went on commenting on the behaviour of some irresponsible Malaysians.

DBKL had took it to Facebook after finding that these small, yellow ball-like structures placed around SOGO Mall and Jalan Ampang being vandalized. DBKL said that these bollards were installed as an effort to include more art furnishings around KL.

Furthermore, they can be used as temporary seats for the public to rest on when one is tired of walking around the city centre.


“Appreciate public property”

DBKL said that the structures that were set up to match the aesthetic value of the area had been vandalized too. These were also deliberately placed along the sidewalks to prevent motorist from driving into the footpath or parking on it.

DBKL said the damage not only ruins the beautiful view of the city, and DBKL were forced fork out massive repair costs. They added that this an unnecessary spending of public funds.

Source: Facebook

Furious netizens

After these photos went public, netizens furiously commented the behaviour of Malaysians. However, please be reminded that this do not imply that all Malaysians are acting the same and it refers to only those irresponsible ones.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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