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Malaysian fakes Covid-19 test results as an excuse to quit the job

Social NewsMalaysian fakes Covid-19 test results as an excuse to quit the job

A woman who’ve got a job in a cafe in Skudai, Johor had provided her employer a fake Covid-19 test result as an excuse to quit her job.

After know the truth, the employer was furious and finds her behaviour unacceptable as it causes him to go through unnecessary trouble and had to shut down his café to get all his employees checked for Covid-19.

He brought it to Facebook his unfortunate experience, claiming that the operating a business during the pandemic is tough as one would have no knowledge of when the next MCO will be and it is uncertain that who has contracted Covid-19 due to close contact cases with other people.

Despite those factors, dealing with this kind of employees made it worse.

Source: Facebook

It was 6 April when he said he received a text from one of his employees, who had only worked at the café for one day, saying that she was tested positive for Covid-19 and she even showed him the test results.

Knowing the seriousness of the situation, he immediately arranged for all his staff to be tested for Covid-19, and fortunately, all of them tested negative. He then had to shut down his café immediately for disinfection, and notify all the customers who had visited his shop the day before to observe for symptoms.

However, he soon realised that things weren’t right and had confronted the employee. He later found that the date of diagnosis and the date the employee informed him were not consistent and this raises questions.

The conversation went:

  • Boss: Did you get your Covid-19 test report on Sunday?
  • Employee: Yes. I went for the test with my friend and he sent the report to me only today.
  • Boss: But the date on the report was 4th Apr.
  • Employee: But he sent it to me only now. My friend received it today too.
  • Boss: Logically, you should have quarantined yourself until the report is out.
  • Employee: I am asymptomatic, we did the test because of safety. I wore my mask properly yesterday and did not take off the mask except to drink and eat. My family advised me not to continue to work but I don’t want to cause trouble for the café. I will quarantine myself and then look for another job. I’m really sorry, this matter is due to my negligence.
Source: Facebook
  • Employee: I’m really sorry, this matter is due to my negligence.
  • Boss: You did the RTK test and you should get the results within ten minutes on the same day. You should have sent me the results earlier, and not 2 days later/
  • Employee: But I really only received it today.
  • Boss: Still, the report also shows that the results was dated 4 April. Based on company policy, we will refer to the report and consult a lawyer. You could have tested positive but you didn’t quarantine yourself. If you caused a spread, this will affect our company.
  • Employee: Well, to be honest, I plan to quit.
  • Boss: We do not plan to hire you back and we will refer this case to a lawyer. You are walking around without confirming your situation and undergoing quarantine yourself. We will claim our losses from you.
  • Employee: My actual results was negative. I felt that the time and the job scope are not suitable for me and I was just looking for an excuse to quit.
Source: Facebook

The café owner referred to the “Covid-19 report” that the she had shared earlier and questioned her about it.

  • Boss: Then what is this?
  • Employee: This was edited.
  • Boss: Is this fun?
  • Employee: It’s not that I want to play around. I seriously think that this is a common excuse. I’m afraid that you won’t let me resign. I asked my friend to do it.
Source: Facebook

The girl then shared the actual Covid-19 results which shows a “Negative”.

Source: Facebook
  • Boss: How much trouble do you know you’ve caused us? I’ve arrange for all our staff to undergo the Covid-19 test.
  • Employee: Yeah, I know. But at least I was negative. I noticed that the shop assistants weren’t wearing masks either. Including you, boss. This is also one of the reasons why I want to resign.
  • Boss: It’s okay. Now I just need to make sure you are not positive and the report was edited.
  • Employee: Yes. I asked my friends to edit it.
Source: Facebook

At the end of the conversation, he even shared the act that states that anyone caught spreading fake news regarding Covid-19 can be fined up to RM100,000.

Thinking that the situation could have been worse, he decided to lodge a police report.

According to Oriental Daily, Iskandar Puteri police chief Assistant Commissioner Dzulkhairi Mukhtar confirmed that a police report was lodged and that the case will be investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code. However, no one has been arrested yet. He added, upon conviction, the accused can face up to 10 years in jail, whipping, or a fine.

Do you think that there’s a better way to quit the job, rather than faking the test results? Leave a comment!

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