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Human Resource Minister says RM1,000 salary is better than unemployment

NewsHuman Resource Minister says RM1,000 salary is better than unemployment

Salaries of graduates in Malaysia had been the latest trending topic for discussion. Many think that graduating from university secures you a minimum salary of RM2,500 and that’s not the case today. Graduates had been complaining about the meager salary they earn once they step into the society.

Most complained that the salary they earn wasn’t even enough to repay the study loans and for them to live a decent life in the city.

In connection to this matter, Minister of Human Resource, Datuk Seri Saravanan had on 5 April said that ever since the pandemic started in Malaysia, most university graduates receive a monthly salary of RM1,000 to RM1,500. He also believes that this salary range is agreed mutually between the employee and employee.

He continue that some graduates are willing to accept a monthly salary of RM1,000. After all, companies no longer need so many full-time employees under this new normal. Hence, employers will offer employees to work part-time with daily wages.

He added that this pandemic had change the working culture of several companies. While employers are trying to survive, they only managed to pay employees to work 20 days a month or work part-time with daily wages. As a result, salaries for graduates had been reduced to only RM1,000 a month.

Shaavanan said “There are many employers offering jobs to the unemployed, but with a low salary. I suggest to accept this salary, rather than being unemployed.”

Source: Bernama

In response to rumors that the government does not intervene in the minimum salary of college graduates, Datuk Seri Saravanan emphasized that the government has not become accommodative to employers who are paying salary lower than the minimum wage.

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