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Malaysians, look up in the sky Tonight for this Smiley Moon!

Social NewsMalaysians, look up in the sky Tonight for this Smiley Moon!

Astronomical science expert and director of Tianjin Astronomical Society, Zhao Zhiheng said that in the early morning of 7 April 2021 before sunrise,  Jupiter and Saturn will “conjunct” with the moon, and there will be a “double star with moon” in the night sky!

Source: WongCW

This natural phenomena will form a “Smiley Moon” and you will be able to observe it between 4 a.m. and before sunrise on 7 April 2021, before the sky turn bright. Of course, the weather must be good before you are able to see this smiley face.

This is a rare opportunity for you to appreciate the astronomical beauty of this “Double Stars with Moon” scene with naked eyes. Using binoculars, you’ll be able to observe the details of Jupiter’s surface, Saturn’s halo and its several bright moons too.

Set your alarm now if you are interested! Remember to take some photos of it too.

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