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Malaysian spent 7 months growing Japanese roses in her backyard and the scenery is Amazing!

Social NewsMalaysian spent 7 months growing Japanese roses in her backyard and the...

If you have extra unused land beside your house, you may want to consider to replicate what this netizen had done to her backyard.

Adnil Usi San had shared the amazingly stunning scenery from her backyard on Facebook and it looks like a photo taken directly from a storybook. She said she had spent 7 months planting them with her mother and this is what you’ll get when it’s time for the flowers to bloom.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

She revealed that it was her grandmother’s dream to have a backyard filled with Japanese roses and her mother and her decide to fulfill them. Since they have such a huge backyard, they’ve decided to plant them on the ground instead of in flower pots. This allows the flowers to grow randomly and you’ll get this magical mix of colours once they bloom.

The flowers that were planted were duna and grandy variations of Japanese roses.


The flowers will also bloom beautifully from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., after which they will stay closed up as buds and grow back to normal the next day.

If you are thinking about beautifying your backyard, this is what you can do!

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