Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The traffic is so bad that Tesla’s Autopilot gives up the wheel

Tech & GamesThe traffic is so bad that Tesla's Autopilot gives up the wheel

One of the peaks of getting a Tesla car is that it comes with the Autopilot function. It is currently the world’s best autopilot system and it has a proven track record with handling the life-or-death situation perfectly in a split second.

This allows the driver to sometimes sleep while the autopilot system takes the wheel. Thou, Tesla is strongly against it and reminds drivers to never let go of the steering wheel even when the autopilot is on.

While we are having high expectations on the autopilot system, a netizen had recently shared a video about Tesla’s autopilot giving up the wheel. The very reason is that the autopilot system is unable to cope with the heavy congestion and the movement surrounding the car.

Tesla’s autopilot had been working greatly in the US, however, it does not appear to be able to cope with the traffic from the Asean region. In the video, the vehicle’s sensors was able to detect the traffic condition while the car was stationary.

The system then continues to calculate the potential routes for the vehicle to move forward and it eventually gives up before the steering wheel symbol appeared on the display.

The system prompted the driver to take over the wheel urgently and informs that “Cruise control is unavailable” which is a sign that the autopilot cannot work at that time. Unexpectedly, even modern technology has to succumb to road congestion in this region.

Whatever it is, this story tells us that the autopilot is only here to assist us and we should not rely on it fully. As there may be room for improvement for the technology, human judgement is always required when there are special situations.

Furthermore, this story tells us how bad the traffic can be in this region, and if you can drive here, you can pretty much drive anywhere in the world!

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