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You can be jailed for presenting Fake MCs at work

NewsYou can be jailed for presenting Fake MCs at work

While you may think that presenting a fake Medical Certificate (MC) is not a serious offence and at most you’ll get disciplinary action from your employer, the courts are telling you no, it isn’t.

Six employees from a factory at Bukit Minyak, Seberang Perai were being charged for using fake medical certificates between October 2020 and February this year.

As reported in Berita Harian, three employees pleaded guilty, whereas the other three claimed trial at two Magistrate’s Courts.

These six individuals were believed to have deceived their employers by submitting medical certificates using a doctor’s stamp and the signature were suspected to be forged. The doctor had then lodged a police report after having knowledge of this.

The doctor used to work in the Outpatient Division at Bukit Mertajam Hospital (HBM) and his contract had expired in 2017.

Source: Facebook

First court

In the first court, Mohamad Hafizi Zainuddin, 28, and Muhammad Amir Md Ishak, 19, was pleaded guilty to the charge with knowledge of it being forged on 26 October 2020 and 22 February 2021, respectively.

Both fined RM2,700 each and sentenced to five days in prison starting from the date of conviction.

Whereas the third accused, Nurul Izzah Abdul Razak, 21, who was charged with committing the same offence on 13 February had pleaded not guilty. She was granted a RM5,000 bail in one surety and 3 May for case mention.

Second court

Meanwhile in the second court, Muhamad Zulhakimi Masdi, 23 was pleaded guilty to the same charges at the same location for forging medical certificate dated 26 December 2020.

He was fined RM3,500 and sentenced to five days in prison from the date of conviction.

Nur Farah Amira Alisham, 21 and Marsya Fatini Mohd Rani, 20 were granted a RM4,000 bail in one surety with a guarantor. Both were ordered to appear in court on 3 May.

Lesson of the story? Don’t fake a MC.

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