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Man fined for faulty car honk, JPJ says it’s a legit offence

Social NewsMan fined for faulty car honk, JPJ says it's a legit offence

Recently, a netizen had brought his fine from Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) to Facebook and had expressed his confusion over the reason of the fine. He was being fined for not having a honk in his vehicle.

Source: Facebook

Do you remember the very first lesson that the driving instructor teaches you before you went on the road? It’s to check on the different parts of the vehicle to ensure that they are in good working condition.

This is the for the honk. It’s important for your vehicle to have a honk. We widely used the honk to show our dissatisfaction and anger on the road, but it’s intended function is to be used as a signal pedestrians and other motorists of your presence or approach, as well as to call attention to hazards.

Accidents are more likely to happen if your honk is not functioning. Can you imagine when people are reversing without noticing your car, and all you can do is to shout, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” because your horn isn’t working. Of course the driver would not be able to hear you and will hit into your car.

It all can be avoided with a simple honk.

Netizen’s comments

Most netizens commented that he had return his undang knowledge back to his driving instruction and some even question how did he even pass his undang test.

While the honk is just a part of the vehicle that needs the be in working condition, we are required to maintain our vehicle to make sure that all parts are working too, such as the signal lights, headlights, side mirrors and more.

One netizen even pointed out on how did the authorities found out that his vehicle does not have a honk, and why don’t they write the mistake as “Honk not functioning”? Well, let’s just keep the mystery there.

Source: Facebook

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