Monday, November 28, 2022

Elderly Man denied entry into Mall by Security Guard because He was Alone

Social NewsElderly Man denied entry into Mall by Security Guard because He was...

Senior citizens should be given extra care, however, not in a unfavourable way. Recently, an elderly man was denied entry into a shopping mall by a security guard as he was alone.

The incident was witness by a Samaritan passing by. She have recorded the entire incident and helped him out too.


Uncle ni tak boleh masuk mall. Guard cakap takut dia jatuh, so susah. Sejak bila warga emas x bole masuk mall eh? Kesian uncle😭🥺

♬ Kolybel naya – fiisayap🔒

In her TikTok video, she wrote “We found this uncle standing at the mall entrance alone and pity him.”

“Upon approaching him, he said that he was refused entry by the security guard.”

“After discussing with the security guard, he eventually let him into the mall.”

In her post, she revealed that the security guard said that the uncle was alone and it would be bad if he trip and fall. Obviously, this is not a good reason to deny someone to enter the shopping mall.

The netizen subsequently help him to get registered at the entrance and perform the temperature check. The elderly man then said that he was staying alone and he often take the bus here to enjoy his favourite restaurant in the shopping mall.

In the end, it all ends well as the uncle finally made his way to his favourite restaurant.

Do you find any other absurd reason for being denied entry into a shopping mall? Comment below!

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