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Despicable Wira Driver taking advantage of Fire Engine Siren to beat the traffic

Often when we hear the loud siren blaring while on the road, we would try our best to make way for the vehicle behind. Be it an ambulance, the fire engine or the police, it’s pretty much the golden rule across the world.

But not for this guy from Johor.


Tolong beri kerjasama sekiranya mendengar siren kecemasaan dan jangan contohi seperti pemandu yang berada di dalam video ini❤️ TERIMA KASIH 👩‍🚒🔥

♬ bunyi asal – Mohd Ridzwan Shah – Mohd Ridzwan Shah

This TikTok video was shared by fireman @wawan0405 that caught the Wira driver taking advantage of the Fire Engine’s siren to beat the traffic. He had not only ignore the sirens blaring and the continuous honking of the fire engine trying to weave through traffic.

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

Netizen’s comments

Many said that it was obvious that he want to take advantage of the situation and do not intend to help the Fire Engine as an escort. Some even went further to check how many summonses the driver has not settled, and as expected, there were up to 5 summonses which totals up to RM1,100.

Source: TikTok

Do you think the driver will receive another one for his actions? Comment below!


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