Friday, December 9, 2022

Change your WhatsApp phone number with you messages and call records intact!

Tech & GamesChange your WhatsApp phone number with you messages and call records intact!

If you are changing your phone number, do not worry about losing your chat and call records in WhatsApp as WhatsApp now provides you a “Change number” function.

This function will allow you to change your WhatsApp account phone number on the same device.

All you need to do is press on the “Change number” function before you verify the new phone number.

Upon changing your number, WhatsApp will migrate your account information (including your personal data), groups and settings to your new phone number account.

Furthermore, WhatsApp will delete your original WhatsApp phone number account so that your contacts will not see your old phone number on the WhatsApp contact list.

As long as you continue to use the same phone, you will be able to keep the record of the conversations on the new phone number.

At this point in time, all you need to take note is to inform your contacts to save your new phone number in their address book to ensure that do no contact the wrong person in the event your old number had been picked up by someone else.

Important notes

You will be required to active your new phone number, you’ll need to make sure that your line had been activated by the service provider and you are able to receive SMS text messages, calls and have a data network connection.

After that, you’ll need to reconfirm the current WhatsApp account number of the mobile phone.

WhatsApp does not notify your contacts of your new phone number and only group members of the group you are participating in will see that you have changed your phone number.

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