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Leeyanarahman.co under fire after Founder’s joke about Covid-19 SOPs

With the relaxation of SOPs after the implementation of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) throughout Malaysia, most businesses would resume their long planned events.

A local fashion brand, Leeyanarahman Collection had held their Glorious Raya 2021 fashion show at Glam Hall in Kuala Lumpur on 24 March 2021.

The supposed to be grand event had received several criticism from netizens for violating the SOPs imposed.

Source: Instagram

Pictures and videos uploaded on their social media shows that the hosts and guests did not wear face masks and there were no social distancing measures enforced. What’s more is that the entire fashion show was livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube.

In the live show, one of the founders randomly joked about Covid-19 clusters and he said “Tonight, there are no SOPs here at all. If you come and get fined, just claim it from [redacted].”

A woman who was with him in the video added “So it will be called the Leeyanarahman Glorious Raya cluster.”

Netizen’s criticisms

Most were furious about the double standard of the implementation of the SOPs, where VIPs or politicians were seemed to be immune from the fines while the public were being fined heavily for the similar mistakes.

While some commented that these were there the actions that cause the public to suffer if the virus were spread wildly once more, some asked to boycott the brand for their actions.

One even commented with sarcasm, asking Leeyanarahman to invite all Malaysians to their show.

Founder’s apology and clarification

After the criticisms went spreading like wild fire, the brand owner, Nur Liyana stood up and said “A lot of people messaged me about the Leeyanarahman Glorious Raya fashion show yesterday that went viral on Twitter for not abiding with SOP. My team took a few photos of us complying the SOPs.”

“We’ve limited the entrance to only one door and all guests are required to check-in using MySejahtera, we carried out temperature screenings. Guests entering the hall must wear face masks. When a few people did not bring face masks, our team provided masks for them to wear.”

“And the hall can fit 400 to 500 people. Despite that, we’ve only invited half of that number, which is 200 people and there were physical distancing between the chairs.”

“It’s just that, while we abide with SOP, maybe there was an oversight on our part. When guests were inside, most of them took off their masks because they wanted to take photos. We apologise for our negligence and carelessness.”

Source: Yaana.lee
Source: Yaana.lee

She had since then made her Instagram account private after the furious backlashes from netizens.


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