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Sushi Jiro serving Pork? Read the whole story here!

Social NewsSushi Jiro serving Pork? Read the whole story here!

Sushi Jiro outlets had been mushrooming across Malaysia the past few years and it is gaining popularity among Malaysians as it provides sushi at reasonable price and there’s variety to choose from.

Despite being well known among Malaysians, Sushi Jiro’s halal status had been questioned by many. Yesterday (24 March), a netizen, Emma Azri had shared her experience while wanted to eat sushi with her husband and two children at Sushi Jiro and that Facebook post had then went viral.

She was in Central i-City Shah Alam with her family and the time was 8.30 p.m. There was not much choices as it was already late. Luckily for her, Sushi Jiro was was still open.

While she was being prepared to fill her stomach with sushi, a staff from Sushi Jiro informed her that they were serving pork and she was not allowed to go in because she was wearing a hijab.

She did not know what to do after that. Emma was disappointed and she felt sorry for all the Muslims who were cheated by the restaurant’s food. She advice Muslims to be careful when choosing restaurants.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Sushi Jiro’s response

Before the situation went out of control, Sushi Jiro immediately responded to the allegations through their official website. They clarified that the food they serve are definitely pork-free and they will investigate the fake information that was circulated around.

Source: Sushi Jiro

Nevertheless, the restaurant does have a halal certificate as they serve beer and some of the dishes use mirin (sweet Japanese liquor) to enhance the flavour. However, the alcohol in mirin typically evaporates during the cooking process.

Sushi Jiro also emphasised that all of the restaurant’s meat-based products are from halal-certified suppliers and the restaurant is pork-free.

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