Sunday, February 5, 2023

How much do you love money? Cuddle and sleep with them now!

Social NewsHow much do you love money? Cuddle and sleep with them now!

Everybody loves money. People love spending it, earning it, giving it, receiving it. Even for the different New Years that Malaysian celebrate, we give red packets and green packets.

If you love money so much, why not cuddle and sleep with them!

We’ve found this pillow on Shopee with pictures of the Malaysia Ringgit bill on them. It comes in a few different designs, featuring the RM10, RM50 and RM100 note.

Source: Shopee
Source: Shopee

There’s even a RM1,000 note which is was first issued on 2 September 1968 and subsequently ceased to be a legal tender in 1999. It’s a rare collection that you can’t get it every where anymore.

Source: Shopee

Get it here if you are interested!

There are several sellers out there and the price ranges from RM21.90 to RM29.90. Unfortunately, it is being sold out as of today (23 March) and do keep an eye on them when they restock. Many netizens who have got their hands on these pillows had gave very good comments too.

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