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Malaysian Influencer, Cathryn Li attempts suicide after bully incident worsens

Social NewsMalaysian Influencer, Cathryn Li attempts suicide after bully incident worsens

It had been a tumultuous week for Cathryn Li after the bullying incident went viral in social media. After the incident went viral, both the host, Andy Chan and Cathryn had both explained their views and their actions in the future to prevent this from happening again.

Apart from the incident, many took the chance to bring up their past experience and a local film producer, Jack Lee shared his personal experience while working with Cathryn. He shared the Cathryn had been late for multiple occasion while shooting for a film in Beijing and the director was unhappy with her tardiness. Eventually Cathryn was being replaced by another actress.

Jack continued criticizing her for having a self-centered personality and unable to take criticism, which directly and indirectly offends many people.

Cathryn defended herself from Jack’s accusation claiming that Jack had arranged for her to accompany investors while they drank and also to bed. As she refused to obey Jack, they had a falling out and he has kept a grudge against her all this while.

Source: Facebook

Attempt suicide

It seems that all these incident had taken a toll on Cathryn. Yesterday (14 March), Cathryn had post a photo on Instagram and this had alarmed her fans immediately. She had posted a photo of herself with visible wounds and bloodstains around her neck.

Source: Instagram

“I was overwhelmed emotionally yesterday late at night and wanted to end this pain with the wire. But The Wire was too thin and it broke. at the moment I was scared because I am worried that this will be a topic for haters the next day. I was a mess emotionally the whole night.

Wanting to end your life needs courage, and wanting to continue living needs an even bigger courage.”

She added that she’s not perfect and is not the “Goddess” that everyone expects her to be. She do make mistakes and haters keep criticizing her as if they wanted her to die.

Cathryn once again emphasize that she’s just a normal human and she will feel tired. Even a strong heart will crumble a day.

Since the post, Cathryn had remained silent on her social media, whether Facebook or Instagram.

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