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A Haircut Fairytale Turned Into Nightmare

Source: Facebook

A woman in Penang went for a trendy korean haircut but was in rage after her fringe was ruined by their hairstylist. She even further took this wrath to Facebook.

“This is the first time I’ve ever gotten so angry over a haircut,” she wrote on her personal account on Thursday, 11 March.

The woman, who requested to be kept anonymous, shared how she went to Hairstory International in Georgetown to get her hair styled that day.

She specifically asked a style of fringe called “air bangs”, also known as the see-through fringe, a popular hairstyle trend in Korea.

“But in the end, the idiot cut my air bangs until like this.”

She also shared that the regular hair salons she normally go were fully booked, which is why she opt to try out this place.

“I even requested them to not let an apprentice cut my hair, I didn’t mind anyone else,” she said, adding that the salon was considered “pretty famous”.

Unfortunately, the result of the haircut was awful and not what she expected. To rub salt on it, she realised the hairstylist only pretended to know about the hairstyle she wanted.

“At the end, he finally told me that he didn’t know what air bangs are! Also, when he said he was about done, he continued to keep cutting my fringe and trying to fix it until it became this short.”

“Even after applying finishing hair oil, he saw more mistakes and started to cut again! Cut until my fringe looks like the time I tried to cut my daughter’s hair but failed because she couldn’t keep still,” she ranted.

“I’m going to explode in rage. If you guys had your hair cut until like this at a salon, wouldn’t you be angry too?” she asked her followers.

Later on, the hair salon has since apologized for the blunder.

In a post on their Facebook page a few hours later, the management of Hairstory International said they were regretful for their customer’s unpleasant experience.

“We could never imagine the damage our stylist had caused to her and we will surely take up full responsibility for the mistake,” the statement read.

“Her acceptance to this embarrassing experience is very much appreciated.”

Subsequently, they invited the woman back to the salon to correct the damage by their Art Director.

In addition, the salon also promised to improve their trainees and stylists to avoid such issues in the future.

The woman mentioned the salon will help “settle” her haircut today, 12 March

She also posted an update on Facebook telling everyone that the salon has contacted her to help her fix her hair today.

“I accepted their apology, so I hope everyone can stop attacking them. Instead, I hope everyone uses the same energy to pray for my hair to get beautiful again. Thank you, all my netizen friends,” she wrote.

She added that she would also like to thank all the other hair stylists who privately reached out to her and offered to fix the damage.

However, she said she has to allow the same salon an opportunity to fix their mistake.

At the time of writing, the woman’s Facebook post has garnered almost 12,000 shares and 11,000 comments, with netizens laughing and crying over the disaster.

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