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Subway’s New Menu For Cheeselover

Subway has recently launched a new Cheesechella menu, if you are a cheese lover, be sure to try them out. Don’t look away if you’re yet a fan of cheese, because things are about to get cheesy!

The new menu comes with two subs, Extremely Mac & Cheesy Chicken and Extremely Mac & Cheesy Beef. Both the new menu are topped with generous scoops of mac & cheese. The cheesy flavor is so rich in your mouth, with a hint of tang. You’ll get a really nice profile from the mac & cheese and the crunchy texture of their fresh vegetables.

Cheese lovers will drool over these subs because they have twice the amount of cheese! Comes with four slices of cheddar cheese instead of the usual two, they’re a pure, cheesy indulgence.

The Extremely Mac & Cheesy Chicken sub (RM14.75 combo) has meaty chicken strips marinated in jalapeno cheese sauce, presented in freshly baked bread, fresh veggies and loads of Mac & Cheese. The Extremely Mac & Cheesy Beef sub (RM 15.05 combo) on the other hand, has shaved beef steak drizzled with jalapeno cheese sauce and the same old Subway goodness, including Mac & Cheese.

Needless to say, Subway’s new Cheesechella menu is a pure indulgence. It’s decadent, and bursts with flavour! Bite down on this cheese-loaded sub with all its fresh ingredients and it’s basically a party in your mouth. Available until 31st of March 2021, head over to your nearest Subway and grab them before they’re gone!

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