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Maybank will replace TAC codes with Secure2u starting 15 March

NewsMaybank will replace TAC codes with Secure2u starting 15 March

Maybank says that it will no longer be generating the SMS TAC code for users to approve selected online transactions on Maybank2u. Maybank will be enforcing Secure2u as the preferred authorisation method.

Maybank had released a statement on its website explaining the move is a an effort to provide customers with better online banking security. Starting 15 March 2021, Maybank will require users to utilise Secure2u when making bill payments and IBG transfers.

Source: Maybank

You might be wondering, why did Maybank enforced this method of authorising payments. Secure2u pairs your device with your Maybank2u User ID. This gives you an extra level of security, as all transactions initiated can only be authorised on your registered device.

Depending on the transaction type, users can easily generate a 6-digit Secure TAC from your Maybank app to approve or decline transactions. Alternatively, with Secure2u, you need not have to wait for SMS TAC anymore.

For those who have already registered for Secure2u, the service will be the default method for all transactions starting 15 March.

Source: Maybank

For those who wish to activate Secure2u, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Maybank2u app MY app on Google Play or Apple App store
  • Before login: Tap on ‘Secure2u’
  • Follow on-screen instructions
  • After login: Tap on the drawer menu
  • Tap on ‘Secure2u’
  • Follow on-screen instructions

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