Thursday, December 8, 2022

Support Single Mom’s business through Project First Shot now!

Food & BeverageSupport Single Mom's business through Project First Shot now!

The pandemic hit Malaysians hard and many have lost their job. It is especially tough for single mothers who have nobody to rely on. A kind hearted netizen had recently taken the initiative to urge netizens to support the business of a single mother.

So what is the business about? It’s food! The netizen said that he initially got the contact from his sister and he started forward this number to his friends. Some of them started ordering from her and all of them gave a positive feedback.


“I tried it out today for the first time. Free delivery.” he said.

The netizen said that they provide free delivery within Klang Valley, even though it’s from one end to the other end. He added that they accept 2 modes of payment, which is cash or bank transfer. They would even insist on returning you the change if you are paying with cash as they refuse to accept the extra.

He continued with bank transfer as he wanted to give them additional tips as he believed that they needed it.

How can I support them?

“Project First Shot” is the name of the business and you can place your order by messaging them at Facebook or WhatsApp. They are offering a variety of food, from Western, Chinese, Malaysian to Japanese and they come at an affordable price too!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Project First shot is serving different menu weekly and a different dish every single day. You can check them out on their Facebook page or website.

Don’t they look appetizing? Don’t wait, get your order now!

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