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Wanita MCA promotes “Tooth for tooth” in combating domestic violence

NewsWanita MCA promotes "Tooth for tooth" in combating domestic violence

President of Wanita MCA, Datuk Heng Seai Kie had in the MCA Annual General Meeting held on 6 March 2021 said that women should adopt a “zero tolerance” policy to domestic abuse and should fight back when it is necessary to stop the abuse.

She stated that “Not returning a fight” is not a quality that good wife should uphold. In necessary times, “A tooth for a tooth” can stop the abuse and protect yourself. Women will then be in a position to advice the abuser to turn over a new leaf.

She added that since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started in 8 March 2020, there are 1,986 domestic abuse cases reported across Malaysia and this is a 53% increase compared to previously. Among the cases, 80% of the victim are women and 90% of the abuser are the close ones who are living together with them.

As to help women protect themselves, MCA will be organizing free martial arts class for all women in the country. Datuk Heng said that the classes will be conducted online from March 12-20.

“Women and children are often victims of domestic violence or crime due to differences in physique and strength. We have to improve our self-defence ability to fight against domestic violence and external intrusions such as robbery.” Datuk Heng said in the MCA’s 45th annual general meeting.

Watch the full meeting here!

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