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Malaysia’s beauty all perfectly expressed in a video by a Japanese

Social NewsMalaysia's beauty all perfectly expressed in a video by a Japanese

It often takes a different pair of eyes to spot the differences of a thing. As a Malaysian who’s been staying in this country since birth, it may be difficult for us to notice the beauty of Malaysia has.

A Japanese Youtuber, named Aki, had helped Malaysians to gaze at the beauty of Malaysia with his professional video creating skills.

Aki is a Japanese who’s been residing in Malaysia for several years now. He started as an English high school teacher and slowly venturing into creating videos.

Source: Instagram

His Youtube channel shares his wonderful experience in Malaysia. This includes the food, the magnificent places he travelled and his unique experience during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

During last November, Aki had released a video that captures the wonders in Malaysia. The title of the video is “Malaysia Cinematic – Like You’ve Never Seen Before” and it is just like what you can expect from the video.

The video features the beautiful scenes of Malaysia’s urban and rural areas. It shows the uniqueness of Malaysia that most of us have neglected.

Netizen’s comments

The video received tons of positive feedback from the netizens and people are making requests that this video to be made the official Malaysia Tourism advertisement. It truly gives outsiders a different view of Malaysia.

Source: Youtube

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