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A rare phenomena in Malaysia! Ice dropping from Sky!

There’s a saying that when it snows in Malaysia, miracle happens. What happened in Malaysia 2 days ago (3 March 2021), was something similar to snow. Ice cubes are dropping from the sky in parts of Kuala Lumpur and Perak.

It’s a hailstorm and netizens had brought this to the internet after they’ve experience this rare phenomena in Malaysia.

If you think photos are not enough and you are skeptical about it. We’ve got videos for u too!

The phenomena is so rare that one may not even experience it in a lifetime. Those that have experience it even questioned whether they should be scared or excited.

Whereas in Selama, Perak, the sky turned dark and it started railing heavily and a hailstorm follows in the rain. While there were no video for this, the netizen took a photo of the scene.

Source: Facebook

A rare phenomena like this can be fascinating to see. However, it raises question on whether Malaysia is experiencing a climate change.

If you have a chance to experience it, do ensure that you are safely indoors as hailstorms can cause injury to one and damages property.


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