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Gold found in Pahang and the MB wants people to stop mining

Social NewsGold found in Pahang and the MB wants people to stop mining

Does hearing about Gold excites you? Kuala Lipis had become the latest topic of the internet for discoving gold in the area. The Gold Rush among the area there and it is reported that some even bought cars in cash from selling the gold they mine.

The joy did not last long and the Pahang Menteri Besar (MB), Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail had pulled the brakes on these illegal miners. He said that those who does not have a license to mine gold will be charged if they continue to do so.

According to Pahang MB, stern action had to be taken to avoid losses to the state government and untoward incidents including pollution. In this statement to New Straits Times, he stated that even though the miner is mining on their own land, it is already against the law.

“I urge the villagers who have been mining illegally to immediately stop their activities and seek permission from the District Land and Mines Office. The authorities have conducted several operations and seized machineries at illegal mining sites in the district but some remain stubborn.”

The Gold Rush

It all started when a villager discover gold nuggets in their land area and the economy there went into a boom. Villagers even bought equipment and vehicles to facilitate the mining in a larger scale.

Unfortunately, the existence of gold in the area had caused siblings to fight among each other for the land.

Source: Kosmo

Government’s action

During the session, he was being asked if the move by the state government is cruel and he replied that there are other aspects that the government needs to look into it too. If there are reports of water pollution from mining, the government may be forced to take stern action against the miners. He does not want things to worsen or impact the environment.

However, the state government will be considering to implement a small scale mining scheme for the villagers. It is called Small Miner Scheme (SPK) and it is expected to take effect in June 2021.

Source: Sharetisfy

The scheme will be led by Pahang Mining Corporation (PMC) Sdn Bhd due to the strict mining regulations, lengthy processing time, high operations and environmental impact. It will in return help the villagers to be involved in legal mining and stop revenue leakages of the state.

He added that PMC will help the villagers identify sites suitable for mining and landowners can submit applications to PMC. PMC will coordinate the mining in groups and hence, reduce the operating cost of mining.

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