Thursday, December 8, 2022

Not fried chicken ice cream, Appearance can be deceiving

Food & BeverageNot fried chicken ice cream, Appearance can be deceiving

Look! What is it? A fried chicken? A cake? No, it’s ice cream! Meet the NOT FRIED CHICKEN® Ice Cream by Life Raft Treats!

The ice cream was originated created by celebrated pastry chef, Chef Cynthia Wong back in 2018. She wanted to create something that will satisfy ice cream lovers and at the same time leaving a deep impression on everyone’s heart.

It all started with a single Facebook post about the ice cream and it quickly become viral with 67,000 shares and 14,000 comments within 24 hours.


According to Life Raft Treats, “Not Fried Chicken” ice cream is made with high-quality farmed dairy, eggs, and other ingredients and the drumstick is made of with waffle ice cream coated with white chocolate and crushed corn flakes. There’s a hidden chocolate-covered cookie “bone” in the center of the drumstick too.

They are offering in the treat in different packages in United States:

  • 5 USD for one-piece
  • 25 USD for 6 pieces in a bucket
  • 75 USD for 20 pieces in a bigger bucket

Malaysians get a chance to enjoy this treat too, however, it is priced differently and you can only order them at Gold Belly.

Does the appearance confuses you? It’s the same for everyone!

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