Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Guys Alert! Study shows Covid-19 may reduce sperm counts

LifestyleGuys Alert! Study shows Covid-19 may reduce sperm counts

There are several Covid-19 side effects that recovered patients suffered and you may have heard of them frequently. What you might not heard of is that patients who recover from Covid-19 may have detrimental effects on male fertility.

A study had been conducted by EClinicalMedicine and the results were astonishing. They’ve collected samples of testis and epididymis, the tube that transfer semen to testis from 6 deceased male Covid-19 patients and 23 patients who are recovering from Covid-19.

A number of test were conducted on these samples and comparing them to a group of healthy men of similar age.

What they’ve found was that there were high level of cells and protein, which indicates inflammation, blood in the testes and epididymis and dying cells. 39% of men recovering from Covid-19 had lower sperm count and 61% of men had an increased of white blood cells in their semen, which is an indication that sperm function had been compromised.

However, the study does state that the limitations that they encounter during the study which includes a small sample size, insufficient data that suggests that these men were healthy prior to Covid-19 infection. Hence, there are possibility that Covid-19 may not be the cause of the low sperm quality in some of them.

Despite these limitations, even if Covid-19 causes fertility problems, they are not the first virus that could have do so. There are several viruses out there that could do the same.

You might be curious on whether are the effects temporary, but there are still no answers to this. More data needs to be collected to facilitate further studies.

After reading this, do you think that prevention is better than cure? Are you considering the vaccine despite knowing the possible side effects? Do you think that the side effects from the vaccine is much better to the ones from the disease?

Any thoughts? Comment below!

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