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#WTFisDarkBlack, Designer had enough of unreasonable demands from client

Social News#WTFisDarkBlack, Designer had enough of unreasonable demands from client

Everyone who’s working as a designer must have at some point in their career questioned themselves about their sense of art. The situation is even worse when they’ve met a client who gives unreasonable demands that do not make sense.

On 18 February, a local designer, KF Design had shared their hilarious conversation with a customer.


The caption of the post was “The black that you see isn’t black, which white is the white that you mean?”. It’s the lyrics from a Chinese popular pop song.

In the conversation, the client had requested for the black to be darker as he felt that it wasn’t dark black. KF Design had responded with a snip from their colour model showing that it’s all at its limit of 100%.

The client replied “Can you make it 200%?”. KF Design explained that it was already at 100% and the response they’ve gotten back was “Can you try other black?”

It was a short conversation, however, it fully brings out the frustration that all designers face when they’ve met someone that gives unreasonable demands.

Let’s check out what the netizens think about this!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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