Monday, February 6, 2023

Another case of woman harassed by Police from Road Block

Social NewsAnother case of woman harassed by Police from Road Block

The last we heard that a woman harassed by the police was around 2 weeks ago. It was not long after that when another case popped up again.

It all started when a netizen and her cousin met a roadblock and the police requested for their personal number. It is the same methods used by those from the previous cases, that is threatening you with a fine, or bringing you back to the police station for further investigation.

The netizen had not choice but to gave it to him as she felt helpless in this situation.

Later that night, her cousin received a message from a stranger late night. To her surprise, it was the police that they’ve met during the roadblock. She was surprised as only the netizen gave him her number and she did not.

Further questions shows that PDRM can check on the phone numbers whom you’ve contact with. Does this surprises you? The police is using his sources to get to someone that you know for personal reasons.

Source: Twitter

Apparently, the police is hitting on her and he started topic on mushrooms and later asking her whether she’s single.

The netizen revealed that the police had asked to check her phone during the roadblock and he insists he have the right to do so. What’s more is that the police had requested to check her photo gallery, which is a very private and sensitive matter.

The netizen was fed up with the experience and had decided to make this incident viral and as a warning to all the girls out there.

With so much cases that make the public cast doubt on the police’s integrity happening around, do you think that a police body camera will be necessary? Comment below!

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