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What Android 12 can do but Android 11 can’t

This week, Google unveiled the latest version of its Android operating system, Android 12. Up for grabs now as a developer preview, Android 12 appears to be pretty similar to Android 11, aimed at helping your phone run more smoothly with a few new features and some performance fixes. 

The three biggest new features in Android 12 so far, compared to Android 11 are as follow:

1. App privacy features

Google is adding various new privacy features to apps to give users more transparency and control. One update gives you more information about how cookies can be used across sites. As well, there are changes on how apps export information to prevent them from accidentally exporting activities, services and receivers. 

2. Redesigned notifications

With Android 12, the design of notification looks more modern and functional. When you tap on a notification, it will take you directly to the app or action you want to take, instead of going through an intermediary service to start that action. This should make everything run faster.

Android 12 also gets a new button that lets you snooze unimportant notifications, and choose how long to do so. You can also turn on adaptive notifications ranking to let Android rearrange your notifications based on how you work with different apps, and reset it the ranking if you don’t like it.

3. One-handed mode

Android 12 appears to incorporate a few design changes that make it easier to operate Android phones with one hand and your thumb. It was noted that the updated settings UI moves the Search bar to the bottom of the display for easier one-handed access. It also uncovered a new feature called “silky home” that makes the entire interface more suitable for one-handed use. 

Picture-in-picture resizing is now much easier. Rather than dragging a finger on the corner of the floating frame, you can pinch to resize the frame and the UI is more forgiving of where you drag-n-drop the frame.

Lastly, check out how to download the Android 12 developer preview, and the best Android phones to buy for 2021.

Google is making several refinements to its existing features rather than just pile on new features. We’re excited to see Android 12’s progress and see which changes stick all the way to the final public builds. Android 12 will likely debut with the Pixel 5’s successor sometime between Q3 and Q4 of this year.


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