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Student made RM19k from selling T-shirts to Hostel mates during MCO

Movement Control Order (MCO) had brought us several inconvenience and had severely affected business activities. However, this does not stop these 2 young Malaysian students from starting their business.

Ahmed Amzar Airil Ahmed Mazdan and Danish Aiman Ahmad Rizal are accounting students from Penang Matriculation College. Due to MCO being implement in Malaysia for the past month, they were unable to return to their respective homes and were stuck at their hostel.

To earn a little extra income, an idea pop out of the minds and they started selling T-shirts. They went sourcing for products and they’ve finally landed on a clothing manufacturer in Selangor. Things were not easy and Azmar had to knock on every hostel door to market their product.

It wasn’t a smooth journey for them as they received rejections in many forms. Among them were getting their handphone numbers blocked by interested buyer after they’ve agreed to buy the T-shirts.

During their walk around the hostel, there were dormitories that gave them the cold treatment. There were slippers outside the dormitory, indicating that students were inside the room, however, there were not answering him.

They’ve promoted their business to their friends using Whatsapp and Facebook and the response was good. Their hard work were paid off when they received around 500 orders after the 5 days when they only expected 300 to be sold.

They’ve managed to generate sales worth RM19,000 in just these 5 days!

Source: TikTok

Both of them had sacrificed their sleeping hours to managing the T-shirt business. They’ve slept only 3 to 4 hours a day and started their day after the morning prayers. Despite what they’ve gone through, it is all worth it.

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