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Environment first, Coca Cola introduces sustainable Paper Bottle

Environment friendly and sustainability had been the topic of the decade. Coca Cola had been ranked as the world’s top plastic polluter by a charity group called “Break Free from Plastic” for 3 year in a row. They’ve even been criticize for having a “zero progress” in their efforts to reducing plastic waste.

As a respond to that, Coca Cola had set a goal to produce zero waste by 2030 and the very first step that they are embarking will be to create a 100% recyclable, plastic-free bottle which is capable of preventing the gas escaping from the carbonated drink.

Source: Bioplastics News

As reported by BBC, Coca Cola is currently running its first test with 2,000 prototype bottles. These bottles are produced by a Danish company called Paboco (Paper Bottle Company) and their first prototype is made of extra-strong paper shell that still contains a thin plastic liner.

There are a few targets that Coca Cola aims to achieve or solve and they are:

  • Under pressure
  • Zero plastic
  • Long Lasting
Source: BBC

According to Paboco, the most challenging part of the process is to create a structure that is strong enough to withstanding the forces exerted by fizzy drinks, as these beverages are normally bottled under pressure.

Paboco had been working on the paper bottle for 7 years and they are not on a trail run in Hungary for a Coca Cola fruit drink, Adez. Poboco is working with Absolut, the vodka-maker and Carlsberg, the beer company for paper beer bottles too.

The prototype bottles currently contains a thin plastic liner and this is one of the only few options that they have now. Eventually, they will need to adapt to a zero-plastic bottle.

According to Coca Cola, there is a cost issue where plastic bottles are cheap and effective, unlike paper bottles. However, Tetra Pak, a Swedish food packaging company managed to pull off a similar feat with the paper-and-plastic carton that we all see in milk and juices packaging.

Coca Cola is confident that switching over to paper bottles can promote competition in this industry and it will reduce the cost further. Furthermore, this sustainable innovation increases the pressure on other materials to drive up recyclability, and drive down carbon footprints.

Are you curious about Coca Cola’s new packaging? It might take some time before the plastic bottles are being fully replaced.


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