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Woman threaten to show her chest for not wearing a bra at roadblock

It’s not the first time we listen stories that police harassing females during the course of their responsibility. The incident happened on 12 February when a netizen was sexually harassed by a police in a roadblock at Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. She was ordered by the police to show her chest and if she do not so, he’ll give her a RM1,000 fine.

The whole incident happen when she was stopped by the police in the roadblock and was asked to show her license. She left her license at home and the office went to the tent for the device to check whether she have a license.

Another office approach her at the same time and somehow notice that she did not wear a bra. He then requested her to show her chest to him, else he will give her the bill.

He insists that they exchange contact and made her miss call his phone to obtain her number.

She tried calling the integrity helpline, however, there were nobody picking up her call and she was left with no other avenue to raise this matter.

Source: Twitter

Netizens helping her

This is obviously a serious offence and something must be done so that it will not happen again. There were netizens who suggested her to record the names and police ID badge number and report this to the higher authorities. There was a Samaritan that raise this matter to PDRM’s twitter and request them to investigate this too.

However, this have traumatize the netizen and she had deactivated her Twitter account after the incident went viral.

The police are the protectors of peace and that is at least the expectation of the public. Incidents like this should not happen and this harms the reputation of the polices.

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