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What is ahead for the Chinese Horoscope 2021: Are you ready?

2020 was indeed a challenging year for everyone. Nevertheless, we have made it thus far. Again it is the time when everyone are curious and excited of how is 2021 going to be.

With reference to Dato’ Joey Yap

Here are some good news for you – those insights are right here! Find out what to expect from the year ahead based on your animal zodiac, and use that knowledge to design a great 2021 for yourself!

This year, you will be centre stage. Take this opportunity to stand in the limelight and build a connection with those who surround you, especially in the professional sense.

However, keep in mind that this can only be made real if you have something to bring to the table. For this to happen, you’d have to focus all your energy on unique skill sets or knowledge you can share with the world.

On the flip side, you may find yourself faced with communication breakdowns, which can impact your personal brand and reputation. Besides that, there could be instances when your best-laid out plans get disrupted by circumstance.

During those moments, the best thing you can do is to focus on your goals, pay the naysayers, and the white noise around you no attention. When petty people’s voices get louder inside your head, you may face stress and depression.

This year is an excellent year for tiger signs to meet new people. It is a year for great romantic aspirations and loads of favourable interactions. If you’re single, this will work quite in your favour, and if you are not, it will be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship you’re in.

Above all else, be brave. New doors will open on your career front, but things can only flourish if you let it. Don’t be afraid to welcome new opportunities, and prosperity will follow close behind. Helping others willingly will allow people to lean into the wisdom you so very much have. Conversely, be sure to ask for help whenever you need it, for no man is an island. With the right people in your corner, you will be that much closer to attaining all your goals.

Nevertheless, to every up, there is a down; you could find yourself being surrounded by loneliness and isolation from friends and family. On achieving your goals, find the motivation to keep being interested, because you may be feeling a loss of passion toward them.

For business owners, pay close attention to fraud or theft; be extra careful to be certain. Health-wise, avoid over-indulging in fatty foods, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This year could very well be a challenging year for you rabbit signs. What you should do is focus on giving back to others. It is a unique year ahead and in terms of travelling, be sure to have all your travel documentation.

There is also a high risk of you being caught in a hurricane, a storm, a flooding or any natural disasters, so be thrifty to check ahead of time and have a back-up plan if possible.

Help the elderly and lend a hand to those who need it more than you, for the feeling that will ooze from it will be like no other. It may not be as evident right now, but eventually, you will see it. You could also be plagued with sickness this year, or potentially lose someone who matters, so you must work on self-care and emotional resilience as a means to brave the storm.

On top of that, you may find yourself fighting off people who live to find faults in your actions. They may even start unfounded rumours, and though this may challenge you emotionally and mentally, you should focus on moving on with your life. Remember those who matter, won’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.

Dragon signs and wealth will be going hand in hand into the year. It may come from unexpected places and the females of your circle. If you have ever wanted to pursue something but held yourself back for some reason or other, this is your year. Go all out and achieve whatever it is you need to. Courage and strength will come to those who believe.

Nonetheless, there could be something standing in your way, some demons from the past if you will. They will come forth and claim what you owe them, so your best move would be to get ahead of the problem and solve it before it festers. Don’t be tempted by intriguing deals, for if your instinct is telling you otherwise, trust it. You would also need to find a better way to deal with stress this year before it drags you to the ground. Managing your emotions is a skill, master it. There will also be mounds of gossips trying to make their way into you. Remember to avoid those at all costs, because people that gossip to you are most likely to talk about you.

You snake-folk need not worry, for you will find things becoming easier than you thought possible, especially at work under the year of the Ox. Keep an eye out, for there could be opportunities for a promotion, which could mean more authority and a climb in remuneration, especially if your superior is a male who trusts you with responsibilities.

Your new role will bear good fruit, but with the help of someone of higher power. You may have been priorly overlooked, but with the right guidance and on the right path, you will be able to leap right to the front of the line.

Those running businesses will be able to see an expansion and better increase in profits, but only if you have brought the lessons, you learnt in 2020 with you into 2021, as a means to improve, gain new knowledge and boost your business.

However, this year does come with its fair share of problems. For instance, when pushed to a corner, you could find yourself suspicious of those around you, a little emotional and maybe even volatile. The best way around this would be to avoid these situations entirely. Instead, opt to practise mindfulness and inner healing and maintain a more far-sighted view of the world/self.

2021 will be a good year for horse signs. You would feel both blessed and lucky because most of your endeavours would see fruition. At instances where you feel stuck or lost, you will be able to find solace in the assistance of others, so do not be afraid to ask for help when you find yourself needing it.

If you have a large project or personal goal that hasn’t reached where you need it to be, this is the year to put things into full gear and step on it. You could also consider finding a business partner through your new ventures, preferably one who complements you and your talents.

Besides that, all problems faced this year, or ones you so happened to have brought from last year, will magically be resolved because of all the positive energy surrounding you. So, be sure to tap into that as much as possible. Taking the initiative to resolve problems best, you can help deal with customers and employees.

Keep in mind, though, that you would need to be extra careful this year with money and how you use that money. You may feel a little risqué with cash, but if you’re not careful, you could be swindled, cheated or overspend way more than necessary. What you could do is invest, because the outflow of money could see a lump sum of a return in the near future.

On the front of your health, things may not be looking so good. There is a possibility of respiratory issues, so it’d be wise to take early note of it. Romance-wise, committed relationships could find unexpected attention from a third party. During this time, you would be smart to understand that short term flings mean nothing and can ruin a good relationship if you let it. Proceed with caution.

This year, you will be granted the gift of problem-solving. Where others find problems, you’ll find a way to overcome those very problems with ease. Keep your eyes peeled for those willing to help you during dark days.

This is also a year where property investments opportunities and grand deals may come knocking at your door. If you find yourself financially capable, be sure to take what you can get.

However, be sure to look after the feelings of others and not offend anyone this year. There are high chances they could take it to heart, hold a grudge against you and make your life a living hell. It would be best for you to say as little as possible when you’re surrounded with sensitive people.

2021 is a year of great transformation, as many life changes lie ahead of you. If these changes are seen through positive lenses, they can be beneficial instead of gruesome. Also acquire large assets come this year, as they could deliver outsized results in the long run. Nevertheless, they would require big investments.

This year can seem especially trying for monkey signs, as there could be plenty of problems which come their way. But you will also come to realize that the one superpower you’ve had with you all this time, is the ability to turn a frown upside down. Your positivity is mostly the cause, so carry it with you throughout the year. This will invite others to view you as their go-to problem solver. Many will look to you for guidance and support due to this newfound status, so step up and claim your leadership throne. If you fail, though, you could end up feeling lonely and isolated.

The Ox’s year is a year in which you will find the things and people who make you feel content. Focus on all those content-filled relationships that bring you happiness and take on any adventure that will bring fulfilment and joy.

This year could also be the year you forget a lot more than you should, whether that may be details or events. Easily resolved with technology, it’d be best to get a jump start on this matter before it worsens.

Those born in the year of Monkeys could be faced with numerous ups and downs, maybe due to sudden changes. It could throw you off your game, but so long as you take a moment, pause, reframe and strategise, you will be back up on your feet in no time at all.

2021 is your year of growth as opportunities will come rolling in all year long. Whether it is taking on a new job or an added responsibility, money will keep flowing in. It would also be easy to stage a turnaround in businesses as people come to your aid.

For you corporate climbers, this is the time to rise through the ranks. It would be best if you managed a team willingly, and your leadership qualities will shine through. It’d be best for you to turn to medical treatment if you have been facing health issues. It may feel stressful and unbearable, but this is the right move to make in the long run.

Besides that, for your personal brand, attempt your hand at social media and don’t be afraid to be radical. The approach and method could feel scary, but the benefits are exemplary.

However, on the flip side, be extra aware of accidents when doing sports or just generally from being careless to your surroundings. Avoid dangerous situations and extreme activities, maybe save those for 2022. You could also find yourself being rather fickle-minded. As a means to gain more clarity from confusing situations, seek help and guidance from friends.

If you were born under the dog’s sign, then this year is one good year for you. It is as if the heavens will be shining down on you throughout the year, with great food, great company and significant events. The catch, though, you can’t wait for it to happen to you. Instead, you have to go out there and make it happen for yourself.

Organise ways to connect and bond with your loved ones truly. You have to create memories as you go about in life, which can only be done with initiative. All the best events would be more memorable in the year of the Ox.

When faced with dark clouds, all you need to do is look over your shoulder to find all the support you could ever need amongst your family, friends and colleagues. Professionally, look to take on more prominent roles and demand a higher pay at your workplace.

The only downside to your year is that you could be faced with disputes or disagreements. The best solution during this time is to remove any kinks before starting something new. It would also be wise to get the details down in black and white to avoid any further complications in the future.

For you men, your words could offend females this year, so take this time during this year, to re-evaluate the things you say to others.

You could be travelling a whole lot this coming year, especially for career, educational or personal goals. This is a good thing and could certainly help you grow and attain more money. Consider stepping outside your own country or territory and also venturing into online businesses for greater growth.

If you have been thinking about starting an online business, then this is the year to put your money where your mouth is. Get serious, work out the business plans and kickstart your venture. Even travelling just for the very aspect of travelling will open up some avenues to financial opportunities, so go ahead and take your long-postponed holidays this year.

In terms of injuries, pig signs don’t have to worry about it this year, as there will only possibly be minor surgeries, cuts and bruises. If you have been putting off elective surgeries like laser-eye, or minor operations, this would be an excellent year to get it done. There will be no life-threatening circumstances in 2021, but generally, it would be best to avoid situations which could pose the risk of bodily injuries.

The rat sign will be given the ability to connect with those of higher authority, whether in getting government officials’ support or receiving permit and project approvals. This skill will prove worthy in the workplace. Use it to get ahead by initiating new projects, as your bosses will be more agreeable in the Ox’s year. It will help you get noticed.

Besides that, use your energy to pick up some new skills along the way, especially those that will increase wealth or solve problems. Assuming the role of a leader can also help enhance your skill set. Your wealth luck is strong this year, so do not be afraid to attain more responsibilities at work and get some assets. If you do happen to own assets already, think of ways to increase their values and capitalise on them.

Unfortunately, this year wouldn’t be too great for rat signs, in terms of health. A detox regime and a wellness retreat at the beginning of this year is very much recommended. Also, be sure to go for check-ups frequently.

On top of that, many issues may affect both your mental and emotional health this year as well. To aid with this, attempt yoga and meditation, as a means to get your anxiety under control. Some key points for the year would be to let go of anything that does not bring joy, and if you’re ever faced with a situation to choose between anger or forgiveness, always choose forgiveness.


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