Thursday, March 30, 2023

Malaysian Youtuber War 2.0 is near! Grab your popcorns!

Social NewsMalaysian Youtuber War 2.0 is near! Grab your popcorns!

This whole saga started when a Malaysian youtuber, Lim Shang Jing released a video, sharing his experience on relationships. This sharing was about a month after he broke up with his girlfriend. It had been some time ago since they broke up, however, netizens are remembering this well and brought this topic up to criticize him.

Among the criticism were asking him to improve himself or man up and get over it. There were a small group of his fans whom had been following him for a long time had commented that he have mature much after all these years.

Start of the Saga


Replying the criticisms

The uproar did not died down even after a few days and Lim Shang Jing himself had made his stance on the previous video. He admitted that the title given for the video might be inappropriate, causing the commotion.

In the video, he had addressed the criticism which are among the top ones. He stated that he had spent time to appreciate the constructive comments and will improve himself. Unfortunately, he won’t be looking forward to a new relationship.


Those joining the crowd

YBB, who’s a close friend of Lim Shang Jing had some words for him. However, she did not do it personally and took this up to her YouTube channel. She gave her point of view and experience about a relationship.

Despite the positive vibe she is trying to give, netizens are criticizing her for taking this opportunity to get views and earn advertisement fee.

Hanxiiaoaii, is the second one to join the saga. It’s a short 2 minute video and her point is that YBB can leave a comment or tell him face to face. There’s no need to make this public. She did exactly what netizens were wondering, whether YBB is taking this opportunity to make money from the Youtube advertisements.

The saga may continue and there might be more Youtubers to join. Stay tuned for the updates!

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