Friday, January 27, 2023

#KitaMintaLima is the new demands from Malaysians

Social News#KitaMintaLima is the new demands from Malaysians

#KitaMintaLima is the latest trending topic in Malaysia now. It is not sure who is behind this, but the momentum of the public demands are snowballing. Malaysians are demanding the King of Malaysia to intervene the Covid-19 policies or overthrow the current government.

As Covid-19 cases in Malaysia remain in the thousands, most people find the policies set by the current government do not help controlling the situation, but making the people’s life tougher.

The 5 demands from Malaysians are the following.

  • Imposing targeted and effective MCOs.
  • Give support to front-liners by giving them all the resources they need to fight with Covid-19.
  • Automatic bank moratoriums and cash handouts to the public.
  • Enforcing the SOPs from MKN fair and equitable.
  • Devices and internet access for all students immediately.
Source: BFM Twitter

The pandemic had not been easy on everyone, however, if we get our priorities right, we can make sail through this more comfortably. There are so much frustration among the people and some even commented that they are not going to tolerate the government’s incompetence and demand the changes immediately.

Let us see the top tweets regarding this.

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