Monday, February 6, 2023

“Kukujiao” whiskey now available in Malaysia and it’s not what you think

Social News"Kukujiao" whiskey now available in Malaysia and it's not what you think

Yes, you’ve not heard wrongly. The name of this whiskey is “Kukujiao”. A netizen somehow found this whiskey and it immediately cause an uproar. He even went to google it to verify it’s authenticity and to his surprise, this whiskey actually exist and it had been there since 1992.

A quick search on the internet reveals that this whiskey will cost you a toll. Just a set of 4 500ml bottles will cost you up to RM15,000.

Source: Whisky.my

About “Kukujiao” whiskey

“Kukujiao” whiskey is a single malt whiskey from the famous brand, Linkwood. Unlike its name, there isn’t any other ingredients other than those that are normally used for distilling whiskey.

Source: Facebook

With this unconventional name, netizens had made hilarious comments about it. A netizen even pointed out that there’s a whiskey called “I ❤️ Chibai”.

Source: Facebook

While some were making fun of it, those who have tasted actually give good feedback about this whiskey. It is so good that it is almost sold out in Kuala Lumpur.

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