Thursday, March 30, 2023

Shopee fans, Beware of the new scam in Shopee!

Social NewsShopee fans, Beware of the new scam in Shopee!

If you do your shopping in Shopee frequently, this will be something that you need to be aware of. This is a new type of scam which is currently very common in Shopee. There are several cases happened and the reports are still on the rise.

This incident had been brought to you by a kind-hearted netizen, posting his unfortunate experience on Facebook.

This might be a bit lengthy, but pay attention at the happenings.

1. Scammers disguise as local sellers

2. Informing you that they need 6 to 12 days to process for delivery

3. Updating the delivery status, however no tracking code is given

4. Request to for refund cancelled by Shopee

5. Goods had not been received, Shopee Guarantee is near

6. Seller raised a dispute to Shopee with a proof of delivery

7. Seller updated parcel status

8. Dispute agent cancels his request for refund as there is evidence for delivery

After reading the events, do you feel that the whole purchase process had turned into a slow and excruciating torture of you fearing that you had been scammed and finally, you realized that you have been scammed.

This scam had been getting common on Shopee and they are mainly capitalizing on the flaw from Shopee’s operations. There aren’t any good methods to identify them too, where the best you can do is just scroll through the comment and rating section to check on whether these shops are credible.

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