Thursday, December 8, 2022

Bicycle lanes in KL, a good idea but poorly executed

Social NewsBicycle lanes in KL, a good idea but poorly executed

Cycling does not only helps keep one healthy. It is a good form of transport that will bring you convenience if you are traveling a short distance. Saves parking fees and helps reduce carbon emission too.

On a fine day, a netizen went out cycling and on his ride, he saw DBKL painting the streets of Magic Street, Brickfields with blue, marking the bicycle lanes. He then cycle further down the street and to his surprise, there were already cars on the newly painted cycling lane.

Source: Facebook

Bring frustrated with the attitude of the motorist in Malaysia, he decided to bring this up to social media. His frustration did not end there. A few days later, he went on a trip to Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Brickfields and the situation there is just the same as of the previous one. There were just so many cars on the bicycle lane.


The bicycle lane had been implemented in Kuala Lumpur for quite some time now and Malaysian motorists does not seem to take the bicycle lane seriously. Parking their cars on the lane and disrupting traffic. However, should we blame the authorities for not enforcing the fines, or is it the mentality of Malaysian motorists.

Comment below if you have any idea of what action should be taken!

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