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Scams getting creative, faking Maybank’s website

I’m sure you’ve heard to scam calls from time to time. There are many different pattern of scams, from debt collection to legal suits. However, all these kinds of scams involve you transferring your money to a third party account.

Recently in Malaysia, there is a new type of scam going around. These scammers had literally duplicated the whole Maybank login website. What’s more is that the security system, TAC system works entirely the same as the original one.

Here’s the full story of how this was discovered by a netizen. He wasn’t so fortunate and had pay a hefty price to learn this lesson.

It was on a fine day when the netizen decide to check his bank balance on his PC and he googled “Maybank” for the login page. He unconsciously clicked on a random search result and entered his login details.

After clicking login, he receive a TAC number and he entered the TAC number as usual. A split second later, he noticed the irregularities where TAC isn’t required for login. He quickly login to his Maybank account using the Maybank phone app and to his surprise, a huge amount had been transferred out of his account to Lazada.

He quickly lodge a report to Maybank and after a series of incidents, he did not recover his money as the money had been spent by the scammer. The police had joined the investigation as there are several similar cases reported too.

How to spot the differences?

Understanding this scam will help you avoid similar scams in the future. The most important part is that you’ll need to clearly identify the URL link that you are surfing. You’ll need to avoid the links which are not from the official website. Check the differences highlight in the picture below.

Source: Facebook

Maybank’s advice

Here’s a reminder if you are surfing Maybank’s website, the official URL is www.maybank2u.com.my. Just avoid all the links that does not start with maybank2u.com.my.

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