Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Cash or Gift Baskets, which one do you prefer?

Social NewsCash or Gift Baskets, which one do you prefer?

The fight between Malaysians and Covid-19 had lasted for almost a year now, and the end is no where near. All the different kinds of Movement Control Orders (MCO) and SOPs have bring a negative impact on businesses too. People lose confidence to spend and businesses start to earn less and this negative cycle continues.

Chinese New Year is approaching and this is a popular time for bonus payouts. However, checking the performance of businesses in 2020, it’s safe to say that securing a job is the utmost priority for most.

Business had not been earning enough for a handsome bonus, but some bosses are still particular about giving their employees at least something for them to take home for this festive season. Hence, the idea of replacing bonuses with Gift Baskets pop out of their mind.

So, here comes the main question? Do you prefer cash or gift baskets? Let us look into the netizens’ comments.

There’s a mixed answer among the netizens, however, the important point to take note is that none are spared from the pandemic and securing a job now is the most important thing. Whether getting a bonus or not, it depends on businesses are performing.

Are you expecting much this year? Comment below!

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