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TnG upgrades, removing parking surcharge and reload cards with eWallet

NewsTnG upgrades, removing parking surcharge and reload cards with eWallet

During the interview with The Star, Touch n Go’s (TnG) new CEO, Effendy Shahul Hamid, revealed his 2 major plans for TnG this year. The very first initiative from TnG will be to remove the 10% parking surcharge that had been a bane to consumers. TnG expects the removal will be completed at the end of the first quarter of this year.

The second initiative would be users are now able to reload their TnG cards through TnG eWallet. Effendy said that consumers will be given an option to purchase TnG cards that can be reloaded directly using TnG’s eWallet. These cards are expected to be ready for sale by the end of 2021.

Source: Youtube

From what was being communicated, it seems that we are required to replace our existing TnG card to enjoy the new feature.

Currently, TnG cards can be linked to your TnG eWallet via the PayDirect feature and this allows you to pay for the toll with your eWallet when you tap your TnG card. However, this will no longer be relevant once the process of reloadable TnG cards via TnG eWallet is complete.

Apart from these 2 major initiatives, Effendy stated that TnG had been working intensively with its agents to provide a zero-surcharge model for the reload service. Effendy stress that TnG does not receive the 50 sen fee from reloads. This fee had been levied by the reload agents to defray certain cost of providing the reload service. Moving forward, TnG hopes to provide a zero-surcharge model for its consumers.

Finally, Malaysians can enjoy a truly convenient and cost free debit service from TnG.

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